Saturday, 30 April 2016

Kicking off my campaign

After a successful career as a surgeon I am now offering my experience and skills as a new face on Greater Wellington. I've lived and worked in Wellington for nearly 40 years. During that time I've seen it grow into a creative, vibrant city with huge potential. Let's move ahead with modern transport policies. We must get rid of polluting diesel transport which currently powers most of our our bus fleet. Let's clean up our increasingly polluted waterways. And let's bring in really effective policies to mitigate climate change - acknowledged by world health leaders as the greatest threat to health of this and future generations.

I support both current GW councillors Paul Bruce and Sue Kedgley who have similar aims for the transformation of Wellington's transport system by way of all-electric and congestion-free public transport. We support light rail from railway station to airport via the hospital, and a fully electric bus system including retention of the overhead wires and trolleys meantime--essential for the economy, health and resilience of our region.

I'm standing as an Independent. Therefore I have no organised assistance. If you want to help ( e.g. with leaflet drops in the Wellington area, or in other ways),  please contact me--  or

Find out about my vision for Wellington and how it can be achieved: