My policies

Here's what I believe and will campaign for:

1. Efficient modern public transport

  • Light rail is the future - first step from the railway station to the airport via the hospital
  • Trolley buses are clean, smooth-riding and have no emissions. Let's retain them meantime.
  • Cycling is increasingly popular. We need to make it safe, with separated lanes where possible. 
  • Wellington is a walking city. Let's follow the example of successful European cities and create more pedestrianised and calmed streets.
2. A low-carbon economy
  • Climate impact research should guide all Regional Council decisions.
  • Reviewing land-use policies for their effect on climate, pollution and sustainability.
  • Investigating regional opportunities for afforestation.

3.  A healthy environment
  • Clean up our rivers, harbours and beaches. Make them suitable for swimming, fishing and food-gathering
  • Cut out diesel and its harmful emissions
  • Creation of new regional parks, including on the Miramar Peninsula.

1 comment:

  1. Go Russell. We need to make these policies mainstream for Wellington Region.