Why I'm standing for GWRC

Overarching vision: Wellington, a leader for 21st century

I’ve been active in a number of successful campaigns to enhance Wellington's liveability. As a medical doctor, I have had concerns not only about the health of my individual patients but also about wider public health issues. I want  my grandchildren to inherit a safe, clean world.

We are at a critical time in our region’s life. Decisions made in the next few years will determine whether we become a model region with a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle. If we make the wrong decisions we could become car-bound, congested and subject to increased disruption caused by the changing climate - storms, floods, drought and sea-level rise. 

I know that the number one environmental concern of New Zealanders is the deteriorating health of our waterways. Our economy depends on tourism and agriculture:both depend on clean water. I will fight for policies to clean up our beautiful rivers, lakes and harbours.

If we make the right decisions now we will enhance the natural environment, boost the region's economic prospects, and attract the businesses and people we need with bright ideas and energy.

I will be standing in the elections as an Independent. That means that I will not have a party machine to run my campaign. I will need help--particularly with distribution of the fliers which tell voters about my policies and credentials. Walking around our beautiful city this winter will give you life-enhancing physical exercise. I will appreciate any help. If you can, please contact me on rutrego@gmail.com.

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