Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hey you cyclists--Give Way!

So, Wellington City Council has decided to scale back its original wide safe cycling and walking trail along Hutt road after businesses along the route prevailed. And some of these businesses park or demonstrate their vehicles for sale on Council road reserve ( see above right).

 If the Council can't remove cars from their own land, how are  they going to abide by their promises to the community made in their Wellington Cycling Framework 2015 document? Here's some of their very sensible promises--

"On-street parking will be removed in some locations to make space for the proposed cycle network. The loss of on-street parking is a common occurrence when new walking and cycling facilities are built. When determining how to use a transport corridor, the Wellington City Council gives priority to safety, pedestrians, cycling facilities, bus stops, bus lanes and traffic flow over other uses"
Note this is about on-street parking--and these vehicle are on the footpath!

Here's some more promises--

"We will prioritise moving vehicles and active modes of transport (such as walking and cycling) over parking".  And--

"The priority for limited public space must be for the movement of people and goods rather than car parkingChoosing active transport makes it easier to include exercise as a part of your daily routine ...to increase your quality of life and your sense of wellbeing".

The Council has listed all the right reasons to promote cycling lanes in their introduction--

"We’re building a cycling network because smart cities cycle. Cycling is a cheap and healthy transport choice and it helps to reduce traffic congestion. Being able to get around by bike makes our city a more attractive place to live, work and visit". 

And WCC knows about the research which shows that businesses seldom lose, and most often win  when more cyclists are attracted in front of their premises on new cycle lanes--

"Following the installation of cycleways in San Francisco, 60 percent of retailers reported seeing more residents shopping locally and 40 percent experienced an increase in sales as a result".

Wouldn't be nice if cyclists didn't have to give way to businesses who still see only disadvantage and mistakenly, a diminished bottom line when cyclists come near them in their numbers?

WCC--Is it not possible to stand firm on the commitments to your public?

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