Saturday, 2 July 2016

Zealandia--an oasis of calm and beauty.

This is a photo of a beautiful native plant named Poataniwha (Melicope simplex). It has been put up on the Zealandia web-site. Zealandia is a treasure-trove of native plants, birds reptiles and fish within walking distance of Parliament in our vibrant capital city, Wellington.

How lucky are we to have a mainland island of protection of our critically-endangered wild-life so easily accessible to all residents and visitors to Wellington?

I love volunteer guiding in this oasis of calm
( literally--it is much protected from Wellington's rather brisk breezes).

We all need rest and relaxation from the stress of our artificial urban environment. Enjoying our natural heritage in a place which aims to re-establish a remnant of our once forested land, full of unique birds and plants, restores my spirit.
I think many others have the same experience in Zealandia.

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